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Self-adhesive labels

We can provide you with all kinds of labels and stickers

Self-adhesive labels have a very wide range of applications. This is due to the fact that we have the possibility to choose from a wide range of different top materials, adhesives, subsequent surface treatments and also print technologies used in the production.

Digital printing  allows us to supply numbered labels, often printed from a customers' database. Using digital die-cutting (laser) we can produce labels of any shape without the need to invest in a mechanical die.

You can choose from a variety of different types. Labels can also be waterproof these are used, for example, on goods that are intended for transport. Another option is self-adhesive labels for inkjet printers.
  • Any size and shape
  • Printing on paper, thermal paper, plastic, metallic foils, textile materials
  • Delivery within 5 days or sooner
  • Double-sided or single-sided print
  • Delivered in rolls or as sheets
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • We process and check all print files

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Product labels

Product labels are usually printed in 4 or more colours and often feature some form of surface refinement to stand out.

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Labels for logistics

Logistics labels are mostly made as blank labels or come pre-printed in one colour.

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Variable data printing

Labels with any or all of its printed content changing its form from label to label.

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Security labels

Security labels provide protection from falsification of branded products.

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Laser & Inkjet printer labels

These "PRINT" labels come in A4 sheets and are therefore suitable for priting using office printers.

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Material properties overview


Kraft labels from natural paper

Kraft labels are brown labels from a natural-looking material. They give a distinctive, handmade look to the product they are applied on. The material is often 100% recycled, resulting in an eco-friendly style.

Transparent labels

Transparent, self-adhesive labels are ideal for application on glass and other see-through surfaces where you want to see what's under the label.

These labels can also be produced with a layer of white ink, giving them the look of a regular, non-transparent label in those places.

Textile labels

Self-adhesive labels with a special, highly adhesive glue and a silk-made material for application on textile. The label is a structured, woven product.

Labels from foils

Labels from foils are a common solution due to their high resistance to pressure, water, oils, and similar external factors.

The appropriate type of foil has to be selected based on the exact conditions the label needs to withstand.