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Security labels

Security labels are largely used for sealing of electronics, measuring devices, for security against falsification of goods of various brands (foodstuffs, alcohol, cigarettes, jewellery, clothing), as a security sealings for various types of documents (particularly useful for a notary), and everywhere where the security of a product needs to be ensured or where the origin, quality, or other important characteristic of the good needs to be secured.

The usage is fairly wide. There are basically three different special materials available, which differ by price as well as suitability of use for a particular job. A fourth option is the use of standard material with security die-cutting.

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Material properties overview


Polyester foil VOID

The foil has a silver matt, silver shiny, white matt, or a white shiny surface. After removing the label, the word "VOID" remains on the surface and also appears on the label. Therefore it is immediately obvious the label has been peeled off. Customers can print on the labels themselves using a laser or ink printer, or a thermal transfer printer. The word VOID can be easily replaced by any other word (for example a company logo) according to the customers' specification.

Special 2-layered polystyrene foil

Manufactured as a white half-matt foil.

The adhesiveness of the glue found in this material is higher than the force holding both layers of the foil together. So when the label is being removed, the layers separate and the label therefore becomes visibly damaged.

Destructible PVC

Manufactured as a white matt foil. This material breaks up into small pieces when an attempt is made to peel it off.

A motorway tax sticker is an example of a label made from this material.

Standard material with security die-cutting

These labels are usually made from white paper or a thermal paper with standard glue, or preferably with non-removable glue. An appropriately selected security die-cutting can cause the label to break up into two pieces when an attempt is made to remove it.

Labels manufactured from all of the above mentioned materials can be produced with or without print. If necessary we may provide you with samples of these labels to test the suitability of each of them for a particular surface.

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