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Digital printing and die-cutting

Why print digitally?

Faster production
Lower prices for small to mid-size order sizes
Extremely high quality printing
Our toners are certified for groceries
Print variable data from a database
Eco friendly toners
1200 x 3600 dpi with a 4-bit depth
Variable data in any color
Print quality exceeds that of conventional printing
No harmful impact on human health
Just-in-time production with lower storage demands

Digital printing makes up a whole new branch of the polygraphic industry and is recognised for its high-quality, reasonably priced and fast small-expense printing. If you need only a small amount of labels, the price of conventional printing would be high, because of the use of expensive printing plates.

Digital printing does not require any particular printing plates and that's why digital printed labels are significantly cheaper (in case of small-expense printing) than the ones printed conventionally.

Production is also faster, as there is no need for printing plates. We are therefore capable of producing the labels almost immediately.

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Digital die-cutting

Why use laser die-cutting?

No need to wait for a die-cutting plate
Lower costs
Ideal for smaller orders
Laser engraving of the label
8 cutting depths in one laser cycle
Die-cut any shape and add a microperforation