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Thermal paper rolls for cash registers

Thermal paper rolls for cash registers (stock items)

Pieces per box
180 pcs
180 pcs
180 pcs
180 pcs
100 pcs
100 pcs / 50 pcs
140 pcs
100 pcs / 50 pcs
120 pcs
120 pcs
80 pcs
90 pcs
90 pcs
60 pcs
60 pcs
60 pcs
60 pcs
45 pcs
45 pcs

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Thermal paper rolls - information

Thermal paper from renowned European manufacturers - Kanzan, Mitsubishi, Koehler - is used for the production of these rolls. Printed text is created by the thermal element of the thermal roll on the heat-sensitive layer. The legibility of printed receipts made of these materials is guaranteed for 5, 10 and 20 years (depending on the quality and additional surface treatment of the thermal layer).

Standard paper used is the 55 g/m2, the thickness of which is practically the same for all manufacturers. If required, we can also supply paper rolls with lower or higher grammages. Normally, we have papers with a basis weight of 48, 74, 105, 110, 135, 175 g/m2 on stock, but we can also provide papers with other basis weights.

None of our thermal rolls contain Bisfenol A.

Shelf life of the printed record on thermal paper

Printed documents must not be stored in plastic cover, and must not be exposed to direct sunlight or volatile chemicals. If printed documents are stored in a binder between other sheets of paper, the record will be clearly legible for at least 5 years.

Paper rolls not only for cash registers

These rolls are manufactured on modern machines that ensure high productivity and precision. The rolls are made from a wide range of materials mostly on plastic cores, manufactured from fully recyclable material.

Thermal paper rolls with print

Rolls can be printed on the back or front. Such promotional print is mainly provided in one colour with the possibility of using up to eight colours. In the case of thermal paper, it is also advisable to print information on the back side on how to handle and store the thermal paper to prevent fading or loss of text. The print also serves as a protection against counterfeiting of receipts, tickets or betting slips.


The journey to quality begins with the materials used in production. In no case do we produce rolls from materials that are not of the prescribed quality. For example, in the case of thermal paper, the thermal head could be damaged, which is costly as it is sold as a spare part for about 50% of the total price of a new printer.

One of the other important quality parameters is the width of the rolls, which is why all rolls are subject to an automatic levelling device at the final stage of production. This prevents the rolls from becoming erect in the printer tray during unwinding.

Gluing the end of the roll

Heat-sensitive rolls with self-adhesive label (gluing with adhesive would damage approx. 1 metre of paper), rolls with copy with self-adhesive label, rolls without copy with a water-soluble, removable adhesive.

Width of material

The rolls can have widths from 15 mm to 1000 mm, normally in 0.5 mm increments.

Outer width

The maximum outer diameter of a roll can be 400 mm, the minimum 15 mm.


Normally we produce rolls with internal diameters of 12, 15, 17, 20, 25, 40, 50, 70 and 76 mm.

Marking of rolls

Rolls are mainly produced "by diameter", which is indicated by the letter "P" in front of the number.