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Self-adhesive labels (conventional printing)

Self-adhesive labels are manufactured by many different technologies. In some cases, it is possible to combine these technologies. The production possibilities are therefore very wide.

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Logistic labels

These are mostly manufactured on rolls as plain labels, but also with simple pre-printing. The final printing can be done by the customer using a thermal transfer printer or alternatively by our company - regarding printing of information from databases, bar codes, sequences of numbers etc. The labels are mostly manufactured from white paper or thermal paper 80 g/m² with standard glue. Based on the customers demand, the labels can also be manufactured from different kind of material (coated paper or many types of plastic foils (films) from transparent and white to coloured ones) and in combination with different glue (removable, with increased or decreased adhesiveness).

Together with the labels, we also deliver a thermal transfer tape suitable for printing on the material from which the labels are made. 

Graphic labels

Labels with printing can be produced in up to 8 colors in form of rolls or sheets from different materials. Thanks to digital technologies it is possible to print variable data, for example from databases.

Labels with printings can be coated or provided with a laminated foil. Lamination protects the surface of the label from outer influences, the colors are significantly stronger and their durability (light fastness) is much longer, because the foil acts as a UV filter. Laminated labels may be used in moist, and in special cases (laminated plastic), in wet enviroment. 

PRINT labels

Print labels are useful for 'on demand' printing in Your office. The used material is of high quality and is suitable for printing by laser and ink printers, and photocopiers or for simple hand writing. Every sheet has its edges removed by 0,5mm (security edges) - this ensures that the paper will easily go through the mechanism of the printer without any of the glue leaking out. The glue might cause the sheet of labels to get stuck in the printer as well as make the rollers of the printer dirty.

The labels are manufactured in 34 different sizes, which satisfies all of the common requirements and are packed in 100, 200 or 500 of sheets. Every package is labelled with a bar code. 


Labels in plastic bags

Labels for all-purpose use in an office, household, production, traffic, health care etc. We manufacture 16 different types of these from white writing paper 80 g/m² with standard glue as well as colourful notifications with signs such as URGENT, FRAGILE, CHANGE OF TELEPHONE NUMBER ETC. These labels can also be manufactured in different colours or with other than standard glue (permanent or removable). There are 10 sheets in each plastic bag. Each plastic bag has a self-adhesive closure for easy reuse and each package is labelled with a bar code. 

Security labels

These labels are largely used for sealing of electronics, measuring devices, for security against faking of goods of various brands (foodstuff, alcohol, cigarettes, jewellery, clothing), as security sealings for various types of documents (particularly useful for a notary) and everywhere, where the security of a product needs to be ensured or the origin, quality or other important characteristic of the product needs to be highlighted. The usage is fairly wide. There are basically three different special materials available, which differ by price as well as suitability of use for a particular job. Forth option is the use of standard material with security die-cutting.

Polyester foil VOID - silver matt, silver shiny, white matt or white shiny. After removing the label, the word "VOID" stays on the surface and also appears on the label. It is immediatelly obvious that the label has been taken off. The customers can print on the labels themselves using a photocopier, laser/ink printer or a thermal transfer printer. The word VOID can be easily replaced by anything else (eg. the company logo) according to the customers specification.

Special 2-layered polystyrene foil - Manufactured as white half-matt. The adhesiveness of the used glue is higher than the strength between both layers of foils. When removing the label, the layers will be separated and the label will therefore be visibly damaged.

Destructible PVC - Manufactured as white matt foil. The material has very low inside solidity - when trying to remove the label, the foil will thus get broken into very small pieces. From this material are made for example motorway tax stickers.

Standard material with security die-cutting - white paper or thermal paper with standard or preferably with non-removable glue can be used. Appropriately chosen security die-cutting can cause the label to tear into two when trying to remove it.

Labels manufactured from all of the above mentioned materials can be produced with or without printing. If the customer wishes so, we may send samples of these labels to test the suitability of individual types for a particular surface. 

Special labels

For example "ironing labels", self-adhesive labels for specific surfaces or stickers used to paste over keypads of various devices. These are special types of labels produced on special requirements - we closely cooperate with the customer on the production of such labels.

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