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Recording papers

1227609304-registracni-papiry.jpgRecording papers from thermal sensitive materials of the KANZAN company are characterised not only by their high quality printing using millimetre grid, but mainly by the extreme sensitivity and readability of the print. For the used material, the manufacturer provides a 10 year warranty for inmutable characteristics during the storing and a 5 year warranty for fine readability of the printed documents. The requirements are: temperature of 15 to 20°C, relative humidity of 50 to 70% and no storing near volatile chemicals. Printings on thermal paper must not have direct contact with covers from plastic materials during the storing.

In case that our company does not manufacture the kind of paper that the customer wishes to buy - either because of technological reasons or very little consumption amount (the production would be unprofitable) -, we provide the importing of such material from a renowned OEM manufacturer - Blumberg company in Germany.

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