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1227609047-samolepici-etikety.jpgSelf-adhesive labels (conventional printing)

Self-adhesive labels are manufactured by many different technologies. In some cases, it is possible to combine these technologies. The production possibilities are therefore very wide.Logistic labelsThese are mostly manufactured on rolls as..


1332524036-dsc-5943-2.jpgDigital print and die-cutting

Digital printing makes up a whole new branch of the polygraphic industry and is recognised for its high-quality, reasonably priced and fast small-expense printing. If you need only a small amount of labels, the price of conventional printing would be high..



These are manufactured as a continual tape of tickets in a roll or as separate tickets, and with transverse perforation or with longitudinal conductive perforation.The tickets can be provided with security components against faking and with numbering.The tickets..


1227610302-parkovaci-listky.jpgParking tickets

Tickets for parking machines are manufactured as a continual tape of tickets in a roll or folded together (also in case of the version with a magnetic strip), separated by transverse perforation or with a synchronising mark. They can be also numbered. They..


1229642392-kartonove-visacky.jpgCarton tags

Used for direct labelling of goods or as shelf labels to show the price of the product, its bar code and other information.Tags are manufactured without (as plain) or with pre-printing as rolls and/or sheets - perforation in between individual labels..


1227604121-papirove-rolicky.jpgPaper rolls not only for cash registers

These are manufactured by highly productive and accurate modern machines. The rolls are produced from a large spectrum of materials mainly on small plastic cores made from recycled materials.Cash register rolls without a copyThere are three types of paper..


1227609304-registracni-papiry.jpgRecording papers

Recording papers from thermal sensitive materials of the KANZAN company are characterised not only by their high quality printing using millimetre grid, but mainly by the extreme sensitivity and readability of the print. For the used material, the manufacturer..


1227609745-kotoucky-do-tachografu.jpgRolls and discs for tachographs

We provide discs and rolls for tachographs of the german company Blumberg, which is now represented in Czech Republic solely by our company. The tachograph discs and rolls are suitable for Kienzle, Veder Root, VDO, Magdeburg, Zenith, Moto-Meter, Hico, Gitac..


1227610886-prislusenstvi-termotransferovych-tiskaren.jpgAccessories of TTR printers

To provide full customer service to those who own a thermal transfer printer, we deliver thermo transfer tapes for printing on paper and on other special materials - such as tapes whose printing resists high stress and chemicals -together with..


1227576347-papirove-rolicky.jpgAdvertisement prints

Propagational prints create the company image and address a target group with its offer of services and products. It is therefore appropriate to pay attention to their appearance and let a professional graphical studio do the designing.These prints fall..


1234860307-kancelarsky-papir.jpgOffice papers

Mostly known as so called xeropapers, but nowadays manufactured for various purposes including the use in photocopiers and laser/ink printers. Paper format A4 and A3 Grammage 80 g/m2 500 sheets per..


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