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Paper rolls not only for cash registers

 These are manufactured by highly productive and accurate modern machines. The rolls are produced from a large spectrum of materials mainly on small plastic cores made from recycled materials.

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Thermal rolls

Material from renowned suppliers of thermal papers such as KANZAN, KOEHLER, JUJO, MITSUBISHI is used for the production of these rolls.


Cash register rolls without a copy

There are three types of paper quality from which the rolls are made, which fully satisfies all groups of customers with regard to the quality and the price.


Cash register rolls with a copy

Carbonless copy paper - the back side of the upper paper (CB) and the front side of the lower paper (CF) are provided with special coating. Those two coatings react together under the pressure creating visible trace.  You can find details on Wikipedia.


Other rolls

Any combination of width (mm), length (m), diameter (mm) or core (mm) can be made if requested. It is possible to manufacture rolls from any kind of paper, optionally from any material. We only need to know Your requirements and we can help You implement the rest.


Telefax rolls

Telefax paper manufactured by TECOM paper s.r.o. has at least 5 years of guaranteed readability and the rolls can be stored even for 10 years before being used, without any decrease in quality. The whole roll is wrapped up in a paper cover, the edges are folded togerther and taped up with a self-adhesive label (this kind of wrapping ensures much better protection of the paper than the wrapping with open edges).

Storing of the paper with print:

Printed documents must not be stored in plastic covers nor exposed to direct sunlight or volatile chemicals. Printed documents stored properly in a folder with other sheets of paper will be readable at least for the time period of 5 years.


Telex rolls

All these types of rolls are usually on stock on a 25mm diameter cores. Rolls are made with or without a copy. Standard outer diameter is 80 mm, any other length (eg. diameter 100mm) or grammage can be made if requested.


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