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Digital print and die-cutting

 Digital printing m1332524036-dsc-5943-2.jpgakes up a whole new branch of the polygraphic industry and is recognised for its high-quality, reasonably priced and fast small-expense printing. If you need only a small amount of labels, the price of conventional printing would be high, because of the use of expensive printing plates.
Digital printing does not require any particular printing plates and that's why digital printed labels are significantly cheaper (in case of small-expense printing) than the ones printed conventionally.

Production is also faster, as there is no need for printing plates. We are therefore capable of producing the labels almost immediatelly.

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  • Extreamely high resolution
  • 1200 x 3600 dpi with a 4-bit depth
  • Light fastness
  • Significantly exceedes the values achieved by the conventional print technologies
  • Variable data in full color
  • Printing from databases, printing of sequences of numbers and bar codes
  • Very short delivery times
  • Short periods of print preparation
  • Low prices
  • Regarding small and middle-sized expense printing - printing plates are not necessary
  • Ecological toners
  • Toners without harmful impact on health
  • Direct contact with food
  • Toners have certification for contact of the print with food


  • Technology following up digital printing
  • Very short delivery times
  • There is no need to wait for the manufacturing of the die-cutting tool
  • Saving of the expenses
  • When the die-cutting tool is used, the expenses are higher mainly in case of complicated shapes
  • Writing on the labels using the laser
  • Making of sequences of numbers and marks - right during the manufacturing of the labels
  • Eight different depths of die-cutting - all at one cycle
  • Perforation - various types including microperforation

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